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A Wonderful Family Camping Guide in the UK

The summer is here and it’s time to plan a wonderful holiday with your family. Now there are a whole lot of holiday options that you can choose from but there’s nothing more fun than a good, old-fashioned camping experience.

The United Kingdom is filled with tranquil parks and beautiful locations to go camping and we believe that this summer is the perfect time to explore them.

Therefore today we have brought you this amazing family camping guide to help you plan a delightful camping road trip for you and your family.

In this guide, we will discuss how to plan a family camping trip, explore a few UK campsites, and take a look at a list of camping essentials.

Here we go!

5 Steps to Plan a Family Camping Trip

Planning any trip is important. Without planning things often go wrong, which is why we’re giving you a few simple steps to plan your trip and prepare your camping checklists. 

1. Rent a Vehicle

camping car; a vehicle parked at a camping site

The first step to planning a camping trip is to rent a vehicle. Whether you have a car of your own or not, it’s always a good idea to rent a car or a minibus while going on a trip.

These high-quality vehicles are made for long trips and are regularly serviced for maximum efficiency. They also come with a breakdown cover and insurance to ensure safety. Therefore, this step is the first one on the camping checklist. 

2. Pick a Campsite

family UK campsites; a camping tent placed right below the open, night sky

Well, of course, there’s no camping without a campsite. Now the campsite you want to choose highly depends on your children’s ages. This is important to decide whether they’re prepared for tough situations or would they prefer an easy, luxurious trip. 

However, you don’t have to worry about searching for the perfect site, we’ve got you covered. In the next section of the blog, we’ll help you with some of the best UK campsites and glamping locations for your family to enjoy. 

3. Make a Reservation

camping checklists; a woman using her phone

Once you have picked the perfect campsite, you need to make a reservation. While some places do not require the campers to make one, others do.

Given the fact that it’s the season of holidays, we suggest you find out whether a reservation is needed and make one as soon as possible.

4. Make a List of Fun Things to Do

a family having fun in an open space

If it’s a long camping trip, campers and children often get bored of the lack of facilities. 

Therefore, it is essential to create a list of fun family games and activities like board games and fishing. This way you can ensure that your children have a great time. 

5. Get All Your Camping Essentials

camping essentials; a couple enjoying their glamping trip

Camping essentials refer to all the important things that you need to carry to ensure you have a seamless family camping experience.

We will list down all the camping essentials that you require later in the blog. Make sure you carry everything we suggest and have an amazing camping trip.

The Top 10 UK Campsites

  1. Roundhill Campsite, New Forest

  2. Yurt camp, Devon

  3. Camp Katur, North Yorkshire

  4. Caolasnacon Camping Park, Kinlochleven

  5. Abbeyfield Horsebox Glamping, Northumberland

  6. Beachview Holiday Park, Sizewell, Suffolk

  7. Home Farm, Buckinghamshire

  8. Clatchtoll Beach Campsite, Lochinver, Highlands

  9. Marthrown of Mabie, Dumfries

  10. Top of the Woods, Pembrokeshire

14 Camping Essentials You Need

  1. A Camping Tent 

  2. Sleeping bags

  3. Camping lantern and fuel

  4. Rain Gear and Waterproof Shoes

  5. Flashlights

  6. Batteries

  7. Camping stove and fuel

  8. First aid kit 

  9. Insect repellent

  10. Camping cook set

  11. Can Openers

  12. Water Bottles

  13. Sunscreen

  14. Camping cooler

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Whether you’re planning a road trip to Europe, a camping weekend, or just driving around the UK, we are certain that you are going to have an incredible time with Go Rentals.

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