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Here it is – the must-have list of items you need in your car at all times…

1. Torch

When sod’s law strikes, invariably something will go wrong at nigh just when you need to be able to see to fix it.

Always have a mini led torch tucked away in the glove box. There’s no excuse not to have, as these lifesavers are literally only a few pounds including batteries.

Any good car place like Halfords or your local pound shop will stock these.


2. A-Z country map

Whilst many of you are thinking “who on earth needs an A-Z in this day and age of satnav and smartphones?”, just think about how you would cope in the wilds of nowhere, at night, with nobody else around and no mobile phone coverage.

Yes – just think American Werewolf in London.

You may never need to use one, but keep one in the boot for just in case.


3. Portable mobile phone charger

Yep – we’ve all been there haven’t we/ You need to make that call and it’s “O no! My phone’s dead!”

Simple solution…
You can now buy mini portable phone chargers that you charge up at home and carry around with you in your handbag, man bag or coat.

These little devices are great, because they can hold charge for up to 6 months at a time.

So just pop one in the glove box and feel safe in the knowledge you’ll always be able to make that call.

4. Jump leads

Even if you don’t know how to use them, keep a set in the boot – and especially if you’re going camping deep in the countryside.

Because when the car battery goes flat, life can suddenly become a bit of a nightmare.

No heater when it’s cold, no aircon when it’s cooking hot, and of course, no motion when you need to be driving.

They’re pretty simple to use, and they come with clear instructions on the packet – so just make sure you keep them wrapped in that and you’ll be good to go.

5. Tow ropes or straps

Again, not particularly expensive to buy at all and can be an absolute life saver. Just make sure that when you buy a set of ropes, the tensile strength of them is more than the weight of your car when fully laden.

No point in trying to tow a car using ropes that can only handle the weight of a push bike.


6. Money, money, money

Despite living in the cash card age, those little round sheckles still come in handy. Whether it’s for parking meters (in case you can’t use your mobile), older style toll booths, or to buy some emergency petrol from a petrol station, it always pays to have at least £5 in big denomination coins in the car coin drawer.

O, and in case you’re out and about, and it’s just gone 7pm on a Friday when the Euro-millions has rolled over again and you could win £150 million, but haven’t already bough a ticket.

You never know – it could be you!


7. *First aid kit

And we’re not talking about a CD of the band here, but a little kit with some essentials inside, such as;

  • Plasters

  • Medication and ointments

    • Prescription medication

    • Ibuprofen

    • Paracetamol

    • Antibiotic ointments


  • Tools

    • Tweezers

    • Scissors

    • Small mirror

  • Bandages

    • Various types such as gauze pads, roll bandages, etc..

  • Miscellaneous

    • Antiseptic wipes spray or gel

    • Burns cream

    • Bee sting salve.

(Always seek professional guidance first – Go Rentals do not provide medical advice).


8. High visibility jacket or bib

At night and on occasions when the visibility is poor on the road, a reflective jacket or over-jacket bib, alerts other drivers from a distance if you have a breakdown and need to stop by the roadside.

When you need to change tyres by the roadside, a reflective jacket keeps you safe by alerting other motorists of your presence.


9. Emergency food

It’s a great idea to keep a few packets of biscuits, mini fruit juice cartons, a tin of easy release beans (pull and lift lid), and plastic cutlery to eat them with.

Especially when travelling long distances with young children and travelling into deep rural areas, the importance of having some food in the event of a late night breakdown should not be underestimated.


10. Spare tyre and jack

After the steering wheel, never drive without these 2 items - period!

Published on 28 Oct 2016

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