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Vehicle Breakdown Cover - Our Brief Guide

If you have a vehicle breakdown cover, anytime you are stuck on the road with an unexpectedly broken down vehicle, you call your cover provider and rest assured.

This brilliant service is a very helpful one, and we suggest you try it, especially if you frequently travel in your vehicle.

However, while getting the best breakdown cover shall come in handy the next time you’re stranded on the side of the road, you need to understand that the specifics of the breakdown covers may vary from provider to provider.

At Go Rentals, we understand the doubts you might have regarding getting a breakdown cover, how it works, and the various types of covers that are available. Therefore, in this blog, we’ve put together a brief overview of everything you need to know about getting a vehicle breakdown cover.

How Does a Vehicle Breakdown Cover Work?

a car on the side of the road

Although there are various types of breakdown covers that provide some more facilities than others, the basic idea is the same. 

In any instance, if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, you can call your cover provider and request assistance. Your policy provider shall ask for your location and send you a qualified mechanic to repair your car. 

The mechanic shall repair your car and only leave once it is good to go. The mechanic may also tow it to the nearest garage if the repair takes time. 

Types of Vehicle Breakdown Cover

The following are the most common vehicle breakdown cover available on the market. Once you go through these, you’ll be able to select the best vehicle breakdown cover for yourself based on your requirements. 

European Cover

European vehicle breakdown cover; woman calling for help

A European cover guarantees to provide you with roadside assistance across Europe. This is especially recommended if you frequently travel across Europe in your vehicle or are planning a road trip to Europe.

The best thing about the European cover is that it helps you get assistance from your home country. On some covers, you can also have your car sent back to the UK, if required. 

Roadside Assistance

best breakdown cover; flat tire

The most basic vehicle breakdown cover offers you professional roadside assistance for a broken-down vehicle. However, in some cases, the condition of this cover usually requires the breakdown to happen a certain distance away from your home. 

At-home Recovery 

breakdown cover UK; trees and aparements

The at-home recovery service covers what the roadside assistance cover usually does not. Therefore, it is recommended to people who often drive close to their homes.

It ensures that you get the help of a professional mechanic in case your car breaks down close to your home. 

Onward Journey

a car on the road

An onward journey breakdown cover insures your journey rather than just the car. In other words, no matter what happens to your car, this cover shall make sure that your journey doesn’t come to a halt. 

The policy provider may provide you with alternative means of transport, accommodation, and anything else you require to safely reach your destination. However, the specifics are subject to the terms of your contract.  

National Recovery

vehicle breakdown cover; a man and a car stuck in the forest

The national recovery cover, as the name suggests, provides you with the choice to have your car towed anywhere in the UK. 

Under this vehicle breakdown cover, you can obtain roadside assistance no matter where you are in the country. This is recommended for people who often travel long distances in their vehicles. 

Difference Between a Personal and Vehicle Cover

A personal cover is specific to a person and shall provide you with vehicle repair facilities regardless of what car you’re in. 

In contrast to a personal cover, the vehicle cover is specific to a vehicle. This means if you get a vehicle cover for your vehicle, no matter who’s driving it, the policy provider shall send a mechanic in case of a breakdown. 

Is a Vehicle Breakdown Cover Worth It?

a woman thinking if a vehicle breakdown cover is worth it

Although it isn’t a legal mandate to have a vehicle breakdown cover, it is totally worth it. It not only helps you in a helpless situation but also greatly reduces the financial expenses required to repair or tow your vehicle.

Furthermore, with so many bespoke options available, you can easily choose a cover that suits you best and travel stress-free. 

Go Rentals - The Best Car and Van Rental Services With Breakdown Covers

Now that you know all about the vehicle breakdown cover, let us tell you that all our rental vehicles come with the best breakdown covers. 

Although our vehicles are regularly serviced and checked for the best performance, there can be a few inconveniences. At Go Rentals, we believe that an efficient rental service is one that prepares for every possible scenario. Therefore, we provide you with a 24/7 breakdown cover with all our vehicles, including the ones for European hire.

To know more about our rental services and breakdown covers, contact us today!