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Unlocking London's Hidden Gems: How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Van Per Day?

Are you moving, on a road trip, or just needing to move a few things about London? Renting a van might be an affordable and practical option to reach where you're going. This blog will provide you with all the information you need to hire a van in London, including details on the various types of vans that are available, their costs, and contact details for the leading van rental companies, such as Go Car And Van Rental.

Types of Vans Available

1. The Compact and Nimble Option

A small van can be your best option if you need a van for a modest relocation, such as moving a few pieces of furniture or into a studio apartment. Not only are these vans the easiest to drive through the busy streets of London, also usually the most affordable choice. Automatic Van London offers a selection of compact vans that cater to various needs.

2. The Versatile Transit Van

A transit van is best for people who need to carry a lot of stuff. These vans have different sizes, so there is plenty of space for medium-sized moves or even business use. It can carry a wide range of goods and is a popular choice for individuals as well as businesses.

3. The Mighty Luton Van

People usually use a Luton van when they need to move big things, like a full home or a lot of heavy things. These big vans have a lot of room and usually come with tail lifts that make loading and dumping easier. There are a lot of great Luton vans available for you to rent at Go Car And Van Rental.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Van Rental

Now that we know more about the different kinds of vans that are out there, let's look at what affects the price of renting a van in London.

1. Van Size

It will depend on what size van you choose and exactly how much it costs. The least expensive vans are compact vans. Larger vans, like Luton vans, are more expensive because they can hold more.

2. Rental Duration

The length of time you need the van will directly affect how much it costs. Most rental companies have rates for every day, every week, or even every month. A daily rate is the best choice if you only need the van for one day.

3. Rental Location

The price can also change based on where you rent the van. Some rental companies in downtown London may charge more than those in the suburbs. When picking a rental spot, it's important to balance the cost towards the ease of access.

4. Additional Services

A lot of rental companies give extra services, like insurance, GPS guidance, and packing materials. These might be useful, but it will increase the cost of your home. Consider your needs and create a budget that suits you.

Cost Breakdown

Let's talk about how much a day's van rental company in London costs. For renting an automatic van in London, Go Car And Van is the best company to go with.

Go Car And Van Rental

We at Go Car And Van Rental know your transportation needs are unique. Because of this, we offer different price choices to meet your needs. The following are our estimated daily rates:

  • T6 Transporter SWB (Volkswagen): £ 90.00 per day

  • Sprinter 313CDI LWB Van High Roof (Mercedes-Benz): £ 155.00 per day

  • Sprinter 313CDI Luton Box Van (Mercedes-Benz): £ 195.00 per day

We are proud to provide premium vehicles for your travel requirements at affordable prices. To provide you peace of mind, additional services like insurance coverage and round-the-clock roadside assistance are also offered.

Tips for Cost-Effective Van Rentals

Now that you have a good idea of how much it will cost, let's look at some ways to make renting a van even cheaper:

1. Plan Ahead

You may often get a cheaper rate if you reserve your van rental in advance. When a lot of people are relocating, it is best to avoid waiting until the last minute.

2. Compare Prices

Check out a few different rental companies and see how much they charge. Keep an eye out for deals or savings that might be out there.

3. Consider Off-Peak Times

Renting the van during off-peak times or days might be a good idea if your plan allows it. Rental prices can change based on how many people want to rent.

4. Be Mindful of Fuel Costs

Most vans that you rent need to have their petrol tanks full when you return them. Plan your paths and stops to refuel well to avoid spending money you don't need to.


Hiring a van in London can be a handy and cost-effective way to get around for many reasons. This information will help you understand how prices are set and how to get the most out of your rental experience, whether you choose Go Car And Van Rental.

Plan, look at different van sizes, and pick the right size for your needs. Staying focused on these tips will help you get around London's busy streets and discover all the secret gems this lively city has to offer with your rental van by your side. Have a great trip!