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Refrigerated Vans for Business - Top 3 Benefits

Refrigerated vans are temperature controlled vehicles that are becoming increasingly popular with each passing year. 

In fact, a lot of businesses have started relying on both heated and refrigerated vans for their business needs, such as the transportation of food, pharmaceuticals, flowers, chemicals and many other goods. This is because the convenience that these vehicles bring allows drivers to have full control over handling their goods.

Now, although established businesses might be able to purchase these vehicles for their everyday operations, small businesses might face difficulties in funding the budget for them. In any case, it’s not always possible to know beforehand if the investment will be worth it or not. 

This has brought the team at Go Rentals to provide businesses with our refrigerated van hire service so that the stress and hassle that comes with a large purchase, like a refrigerated vehicle, can be avoided.

If you’re unsure how refrigerated vans could benefit your business, we have created a list of reasons to give you a rundown. 

Let’s dive right in! 

1. Temperature Control 

3 vintage thermometers.

Manual control over the temperature of the van is an absolute necessity, especially when you are in a business where transporting perishable food is required. Moreover, certain products may need to be stored at different temperatures.

This means that you will need to know the exact temperature needed to be achieved before you hire a van, as different vehicles come with different freezing temperatures. Once you familiarise yourself with the van’s settings, you can easily adjust the temperature of the van based on the goods you’re carrying.

At Go Rentals, we offer a range of vehicles, with a minimum temperature of -25 degrees celsius. You can take a look at all of your options on our website and choose a van based on the goods you transport and their temperature requirements.

2. More Than Food Transport 

Refrigerated Vans; A person loading good in a van.

Contrary to popular belief, refrigerated vans are not just for the food industry.

No doubt, the food and catering industry does require the highest numbers of fridge and freezer vans due to the nature of their ‘to be transported’ products. However, the versatility of these vans makes them an ideal option for lots of other kinds of industries too.

Pharmaceutical companies, for instance, rely heavily on this means of transport. The reason behind this is that many drugs and medicines are required to be stored at certain temperatures, to avoid waste. Similarly, florists also turn to refrigerated vehicles to keep the flowers fresh all through their transport journey. 

Plenty of other industries such as companies dealing with transporting cosmetics, perfumes, tobacco and even fine art and antiques require temperature control to protect and transport their products too.

If you belong to any of these industries and have been looking to hire a refrigerated van, Go Rentals is the right place for you. Give us a call today!

3. Business Expansion 

 A van parked in an open warehouse space.

Hiring refrigerated vans is a step towards business expansion and development; it is the right direction to go in to grow your company.

In simple terms, having a transport and delivery solution will mean you are no longer confined to a static shop. You can therefore attract a wider range of customers, whilst also retaining the overall quality of the products you offer. 

In fact, hiring these vehicles will be a big benefit for small businesses like florists, deli shops or essentially anyone who is looking to expand into the above industries. Moreover, you can finally join the ‘door to door service’ bandwagon and give your customers the convenience they’re looking for, eventually this will increase your sales.

It doesn’t stop there though. With these vehicles, you can now travel to different exhibitions, conferences and business meetings with your products and promote your brand. Now, won’t this be a great way to spread the word and increase your brand awareness?

Get In Touch With Go Rentals to Book Your Refrigerated Vans

As part of our commercial fleet offering, Go Rentals have made refrigerated vans available in response to customer demand.

We have been in this business for over 25 years, making us experienced enough to carry out all business operations with extreme professionalism. We believe in maximum customer satisfaction, which means that we will provide you with many different options, in all potential categories of the vehicles we offer to hire

To top that, we also offer vehicle cover which would be useful during a very rare occasion when your vehicle might face a breakdown.

Check out our section on rental vehicle options and if you have any questions, contact us right away!