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How To Plan The Perfect Europe Road Trip in 2022

Road trips are the perfect way to explore the world with your best mates. Of course, travelling through public transportation can be fun and inexpensive, but it’s nothing compared to an amazing European road trip with the perfect car.

However, given that Europe is a huge continent with more than 40 countries, your perfect Europe road trip needs to be perfectly planned.

In our previous guide to driving in Europe, we included the various driving laws and regulations to keep in mind while taking a road trip through Europe. However, this blog includes all you need to know about planning your European road trip, the route, the stops and everything else.

Now, let us begin planning your quest for adventure and excitement as you take a road trip through Europe.

Choosing the Best Car for Your Europe Road Trip 

Road trip through Europe; three cars on the road

The first step to planning your European road trip is, of course, finding the right car. Even though you have your own car, the best idea is to rent a car or a van that is more suitable for such trips.

While selecting the car for your road trip, there are a few things that you need to consider - the size, the features and the condition of the car.

Here, the size would obviously depend upon the number of people going on the roadtrip. When it comes to the features, choosing a manual or automatic car totally depends on your preference. However, we suggest going for an automatic car to reduce the effort of driving.

Finally, about the condition of the car - with Go Rentals, you can rest assured that you get an absolutely reliable and strong car that is made for an extensive Europe road trip.

Preparing Your Car for the Roadtrip

Europe road trip from UK; two people and a dog sleeping in a car

If you’re planning to stay at hotels or motels during your road trip stops, you probably won’t have to prepare your car as much. However, if you plan to sleep in your car, you need to make sure that it’s comfortable. 

Here’s a list of the things you need to prepare the car for the road trip:

  • Jump Leads - to jumpstart the car in case the battery shuts down

  • Adapters - to charge your laptops, mobiles and other devices

  • Pillows and Sleeping bags - to sleep comfortably, or even just to relax after driving for a while

  • Emergency Snacks - if you’re stuck or aren’t able to find a place to eat, some snacks will certainly be useful 

Well, that’s all you need for the car. Other than these items, you can also carry a light laptop, some cutlery and a map. There are a lot of other things you might need but they depend on your personal preferences, so we leave that to you.

Planning Your Route

Europe road trip plan; a hand marking areas on a map

Planning your route can get a little tricky. With so many toll roads and routes, you might end up spending more money and gas than needed. 

Therefore, it is important to carefully plan the shortest route that includes all the places you want to visit. Nevertheless, make sure your route is a safe one and avoid any areas prone to theft or carjacking.

Moreover, make sure you avoid as many toll roads as possible. Use Google maps to find out about the busy streets and try to avoid them.

One very important thing to keep in mind while planning the route to your Europe road trip is to make provisions for stops at restaurants, gyms (for showering), and laundromats

Planning Your Stops

Road trip stops; a hand writing on a  diary

We suggest planning your stops as you plan your route. Again, if you’re planning to stay at hostels or motels, you’re fine but if not, you need to find a few safe places to park your car and sleep.

Try to blend in with other cars parked in residential neighbourhoods for absolute safety. You can also try parking your car close to a church or the parking lot of a 24/7 restaurant. 

You are also advised to plan your meals and bathroom breaks beforehand to enhance efficiency. However, sometimes hunger and the need to use the loo doesn't follow your plans. 

In that case, try to find the closest restaurants or fast food centres on Google Maps. For emergencies, you can keep a few Peebols or Shewees in the car.  

Choose Go Rentals for the Best Car and Van Rental Services

Now that you know all about planning the perfect Europe road trip, it is time to begin its execution with one of the best car and van rental services in London.

With our special European hire services, you can travel across Europe with one of the most efficient and durable rental vehicles in London. What’s more, with a range of vehicles such as cars, vans, minibuses, MPVs and refrigerated vehicles, we offer you the best vehicle rental services.

At Go Rentals, we aim to create an elite experience for all our customers. Therefore, all our vehicles are thoroughly and regularly serviced and tested for the best performance. 

With all this and more, we bring you the ultimate vehicle rental experience for all your road trips.

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