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Get Festival Crazy: Exploring the UK's Most Anticipated July Events & Festivals

Summertime, ahh! Summer is here, which means it's time to fire up the barbecue, hit the beach, and celebrate. Traditions, culture, and the simple pleasure of spending time outside are uniquely celebrated in the UK. Multiple activities and festivities take place all over the country, turning even the most remote areas into buzzing centers of human activity.

Here is a schedule of some of the UK's most anticipated celebrations and events this July. No matter what kind of entertainment you're looking for—whether it culinary, artistic, musical, or historical—you'll be able to find it here. A 9-seater VW Auto may be rented to make the trip easier, making it perfect for large families or groups of friends who wish to take part in the festivities in style. In the spirit of the event, let's jump right in!

Festival Season Is Here! 

Love Supreme Jazz Festival (1st - 3rd July)

The Love Supreme Jazz Festival is the largest outdoor jazz festival in the United Kingdom, and it takes place every year in East Sussex at the beautiful Glynde Place. You'll hear top-notch musicians performing a seamless fusion of jazz, soul, and funk. You'll be caught up in the rhythms of this delightful event whether you're a seasoned jazz aficionado or new to the genre.

Latitude Festival (13th - 16th July)

At the Latitude Festival, held annually in Suffolk's Henham Park, the worlds of music, theatre, dance, film, cabaret, and literature collide into one fantasy setting. Latitude is a festival honouring artistic expression in all its forms and a utopia for art enthusiasts. Its diverse lineup makes it a must-see for festival-goers with varying preferences.

A Gastronomic Extravaganza

Nantwich Cheese Show (26th July)

For cheese enthusiasts, a trip to the Nantwich Cheese Show is a trip to heaven. Over 4,500 cheeses will be available at this, the world's largest cheese show. The event is a sensory delight, with the air heavy with tantalizing scents and tastes. Don't miss the food courts, where you may try before you buy from a wide range of artisanal foods and beverages.

Festival of Food and Drink in the Yorkshire Dales (July 22nd and 23rd, H3)

The Yorkshire Dales Food & Drink Festival is a culinary extravaganza, complete with famous chefs, cooking demonstrations, food booths, live music, and activities for children. This event provides an opportunity to try a wide range of foods, from those prepared with ingredients found locally to those prepared in other countries.

Yorkshire Dales Food & Drink Festival (22nd - 23rd July)

Swan Upping is one of the most out-of-the-ordinary British festivals. This tradition of capturing, marking, and releasing swans on the River Thames dates back to the Middle Ages. Some may find it odd, but participating is a wonderful way to learn about the culture and fauna of the nation.

Cultural Celebrations: Heritage and Tradition

Swan Upping (17th - 21st July)

Bristol hosts a three-day festival called the Bristol Harbour Festival, which honours the city's rich nautical history. Everything from musical performances to historical reenactments to water-based shows ensures that everyone will have a good day.

Relax on Your London Trip—Rent an Automatic Van

Enjoying these celebrations to the fullest requires minimal effort and maximum ease. This is why it is helpful to hire an automatic van London. The a 9-seater VW Auto automated van, is just one example of their fleet that makes group travel a breeze. There will be enough room for everyone, as well as tents, picnic baskets, and any other festival swag you might pick up.

With spacious seating, cutting-edge conveniences, and a responsive engine, the trip itself becomes a highlight. Instead of worrying about getting there, you can put all your energy into making festival experiences that will last a lifetime.

Celebrations That Everyone Can Enjoy

Camp Bestival (27th - 30th July)

Camp Bestival is a family-friendly and adult-friendly event. This family-friendly event at Dorset's historic Lulworth Castle has musical performances, stand-up comedy, theatrical performances, and delicious food. While the Castle Stage features shows for the grownups, the Kid's Garden is a kid's paradise full of exciting attractions.

The Big Cheese (29th - 30th July)

Another great family-friendly event is The Big Cheese in Caerphilly. Every year, the cheese market in town evolves into a lively celebration, complete with a carnival, live performances, and fireworks. The 'Cheese Race' is a great event for families to enjoy together because it's so ridiculous to watch the racers sprint up a hill while lugging a giant cheese.

Eco-Friendly Parties

Bug Jam (21st - 23rd July)

The Santa Pod Raceway hosts Bug Jam, an event dedicated to Volkswagens and related products. The festival features a wide range of entertainment, from vehicle shows and races to live music and stand-up comedy. It also promotes recycling and environmental consciousness among its participants.

The Big Green Gathering (Variable Date)

When it comes to sustainability, renewable energy, and green living, no other festival in the United Kingdom compares to the Big Green Gathering. This Somerset event features seminars and panel discussions aimed at promoting environmental awareness and a sense of civic duty in local residents. The goal of the festival is to encourage people to adopt more sustainable lifestyles.

Relive the Past in Honor of These Historical Occasions

Jorvik Viking Festival (17th - 23rd July)

The Jorvik Viking Festival in York is a great place to learn about Viking culture and history. Activities range from historical reenactments to presentations and walks throughout this weeklong festival. It's a wonderful chance to study the Vikings and their influence on Britain.

Battle Proms Picnic Concert (22nd July)

The Battle Proms Picnic Concert at Blenheim Palace is an unforgettable summer evening full with music, fireworks, Spitfire displays, and cavalry exhibitions. Having a picnic at this concert while taking in the site's rich history is a wonderful idea.

The cultural, historical, and gastronomic diversity of the UK is celebrated throughout the year at various festivals. They're a great chance to spend time outdoors in the summer with loved ones and make memories that will last a lifetime. Getting to these amazing celebrations is a blast, and you can make the trip more so by renting a spacious car like the VW Auto 9-seater. Keep the festival spirit going strong!

Get Caught Up in the Festive Spirit

The month of July in the United Kingdom is a season of charm, full of festivals for every taste. You can find a festival to satisfy your interests in music, food, art, or culture. And the trip is even better when you have a spacious and practical vehicle like the VW Auto (9 seats) to take you there. Don't forget to put these amazing July gatherings on your calendar for this summer. Get ready to capture the festival spirit and make some wonderful memories.