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4 Important Driving Tips in the UK for Visitors

Driving in the UK has its challenges, especially if you’re used to driving on the right-hand side of the road.

While most countries in Europe and North America still drive on the right-hand side, the United Kingdom still uses the left-hand side of the road.  

This makes it very difficult for visitors from other countries like France, the USA and Canada to drive in the UK. This is just one of the many things that a foreign traveller planning to rent and drive a vehicle in the country, should be aware of.

Therefore, when you visit the United Kingdom, it is essential for you to be absolutely prepared for all the discrepancies between your usual driving habits and the UK driving laws. 

To help you through all of this, we have created this wonderful blog featuring the top driving tips in the UK, so that your next visit goes smoothly using our car and van rental services.

Now, let us take a look at the things you’ll need to keep in mind when driving in the UK.

1. Manual Transmission 

driving in UK; a stick shift

When you opt for car rental services, your service provider will usually provide you with a manual car. In more common terms, a "stick shifter." 

This will be the case with most car rentals. However, at Go Rentals, you can always choose between our range of automatic vehicles at your convenience. 

2. Left-Hand Driving

driving tips UK; a man behind the steering wheel

Another very important thing to keep in mind when driving in the UK is the fact that we drive on the left-hand side of the road. As we mentioned before, this may not be very easy for anyone who is generally used to driving on the right-hand side.

Hence, it is crucial to stay alert at all times while driving in the UK because most accidents involving foreign tourists occur due to a lack of experience in driving on the left-hand side. 

One of the most common driving tips regarding this matter is to take a few online practices, which can help you to get used to the opposite driving style.

3. Speed Limits

tips for driving; a speed limit sign

In this section, we'll tell you about one of the most important UK driving tips, speed limits. The speed limit signs in the UK are indicated in miles. Therefore, if you are used to driving in KMPH, you’ll need to remember that 5 miles are equal to 8 kilometres.

These speed signs are found on the side of all roads and are a circular whiteboard that has a red border, with the speed limit written in the centre in black numbers. However, in certain places, you may find a circular whiteboard with nothing but a black diagonal stripe on it.

This stripe indicates that the National Speed Limit (NSL) needs to be followed. The NSL is a default speed limit set for cars and bikes. This limit is 60 mph on single-carriageway roads and 70 mph on motorways. 

4. How To Drive on Motorways

driving tips; a motorway in the UK

Often called freeways and sometimes highways in some countries, motorways usually consist of three lanes, namely the inside lane, the outside lane and the middle lane. 

Slow-moving vehicles, or vehicles with a restricted speed limit, are required to drive on the left-hand side of the road, the inside lane. However, make sure you do not use the road on the extreme left as this is intended for emergencies and breakdowns. 

Motorways are not allowed to be used by pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders, etc. People driving motor vehicles at a speed close to the speed limit are required to drive on the right-hand side of the road, the outside lane. 

Make sure you are driving at about 70 mph in order to avoid causing congestion. However, you must not drive above the speed limit as this can lead to a serious fine or penalty.

Choose Go Rentals for the Best Car and Van Rental Services

These were a few simple and important driving tips in the UK. The next time you visit the UK, be sure to take another look at these driving tips and you’ll be good to go.

However, if you are looking for a high-quality car and van rental service provider, you won’t have to look around anymore.

We have years of experience providing the most efficient and elegant car rental services to lots of visitors to the UK.

With exceptional breakdown cover, high-level maintenance and customer-oriented service, you won’t be disappointed.

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